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How to tie the scarves in different ways...



Scarf accessories

Scarf accessories are sometimes is a pin or sometimes is a ring to enchance the scarf.

If it is a ring you put both ends of the scarf from the hole as seen in the pictures. Sometimes there are two holes then you can put each end from this two holes and tie the scarf.



Scarf rings


Scarf clips


These have a clip at the back. After arranging the scarf at the neck pass the corners from the clip ring.  The corners are held by the clip's spring therfore they will not come loose. 

 Scarf clips




Scarf brooches


This are similar to scarf clips but instead of a clip at the back there is a pin to hold the brooch in place. The scarf is passed from a ring and brooch is pinned to the scarf or to our cloths. 


Below is a scarf, a design for the brooch and finished jewellery