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Silk types and characteristics

Commercial name Gram Material-weaving-characteristics Where to use them
chiffon 20gr. woven from thin tread, taffeta like weave, transparant, thin silk. evening wear, scarves, shawls
crepe georgette 21 gr. soft silk similar to crepe de chine. A little thicker than chiffon. evening wear, scarves, shawls
crepe de chine 50-75 gr. loosely woven fabric.  dresses, blouses, scarves, shawls
Saten crepe 53-55 gr. crepe like saten woven fabric. Thick and very much spunned treads. Right side shiny and smooth and wrong side matte.  Soft fabric. dresses, blouses, and under garments
silk saten 50-53 gr. Saten, is given name to a group of material with saten weav. It is woven from spun tread.  On the right side it is very shiny and smooth. evening wear,  jackets, scarves,  pillows, and under garments
habutai   thin fabric from Japon  evening wear, scarves
ponge #05  20-22 gr soft, smooth and  light silk. Taffeta like woven but lighter then taffeta.  
#06  24-26 gr  
#08  32-34 gr  
#010  42-44 gr  
#012  50-52 gr  
#014  66-68 gr  
tafta 52-60 gr. thick and a little hard silk.  coctail and evening dresses, lining, umbrella
twill 42-45 gr. thick, shiny fabric. Crosswise lines of weaving.  dresses, jackets, shawls, ties, scarves, lining, pillows
toual   thin treadİnce iplikten yumuşak dökümlü tafta dokuma dresses, blouses, shirts
plise   from thin material, permanently pleated  dresses and skirts
Organza 26 gr chiffon like taffeta weav, used very thin tread. Naturally in time it becomes harder. blouses, dresses, home decor
Dupion 80-110 gr. for this silk left over silk worm cacoons are used.  dresses and jackets 
Tussor   for tussor silk,  the silk worm is fed with the oak tree leaves.  dresses, blouses, trousers, coats, skirts, home decor  
Honan   Named after city Honan in China. Taffeta like woven. Strong but thinner than shantuq.  same as tussor silk 
shantuq   Named after city Shantuq in China. Coarse, taffeta like woven silk.  same as tussor silk
spun silk   Spun silk is used for both tread.  dresses, blouses, shirts and home decor