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 Silk Painting


page1 scarves and such      page2 scarves     page3 portrait and scenery     page4 marbling      

page5 scarf and beads     page6 marbled silk scarves    page7 fabrics

page8 clothing and beads  

page 9 various work  


Only scarves

Only clothing 


Traditional Turkish marbling 

Some techniques of silk painting

embroidery for scarf edges

Colour Charts  

silk types and where to use them  

Let's learn different ways to tie scarves... 

Let's make a stove to steam fix the painted silk!

Let's make a frame!

This is how I paint a silk scarf!

I paint silk for a blouse..

Portrait of a girl

Portrait of a girl2  

Embroidery for a blouse

A new project  

Syrup technique

Brushes and tjantings

Some photos from my life with silk


These have nothing to do with silk painting but!!!!

And my other handworks   

And my other paintings  


The scarves are mostly painted on ponge #5 or #7 and crepe de chine. The edges are hand hemmed or  embroidered. 


The marbled silk scarves are mostly 12"x 56" and ponge #5.

I also have marbled pieces for wall hangings.