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Portable minilab



     1.  Mini polariscope (GemA)

     2.  10X triplet loupe

     3.   Pin light (The tube can be twisted to send light in any direction) (GemA)

     4.   Refractometer (GIA)

     5.   Pin light (GemA)

     6.   Spektrometer  (Eichorst Co.)

     7 and 8  Magnifier and light. Around the magnifier it is closed. This creates 

           a dark field to see the crystal inclusions. (GIA)

     9.   Dichroskop (GIA)

    10.  A white plastic to put the gemstones on for checking  .  

    11.  Tweezers

    12.  Daylight florescent lamp. 


Everything goes into a little zippered bag and can be carried very easily when

buying or identifiying gemstones.