These are the web sites I enjoy to browse.  I have no financial gain and any responsibility by these links whatsoever...

Links and some other information about Turkey .....


This is a link to my son Ali Talat's web site.  Here  you will see his new woodwork and everything about his life


In the "Beycik" page you see his beautiful photography, this is my brother's website.

Lycian Projects

My cousin's beautiful hotel which is in a delightful city in the south of Turkey.

In this website see the hotel's beautiful photos.

These are the pictures I took when we visit my cousins.

Villa Mahal

EBRU; "the dream of water".  You should see the work of Mr. H. Barutçugil to understand the meaning of this phrase. 


Gemart collection, memory rings...


One of the very good and rare gemstone dealers in Istanbul


Cam ocagi is situated on a very picturesque land on the Anatolian side of Turkey. Every kind of education is given about glass by local and foreign instructors. 

Cam Ocagi

Blue chalcedony from Turkey


Villa il Castello  

Villa Il Castello

"The gem and jewellery world's foremost information resource on the Internet. Open to the public, free of charge-a substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewellery related topics; as well as a sizable collection of art and jewellery galleries, for both the casual visitor and the professional." 


"From the smallest precious stone engravings, to life-size [sic] bronze sculptures, the multiple talent and extremely high quality of his creations make Hans Ulrich Pauly one of today's finest artists."


Carved stones from a very talented artist..

Steve Walters

"Since 1931, the Gemological Institute of America’s mission has been to ensure the public trust by educating and serving the gem and jewellery industry worldwide. As a nonprofit [sic] institution, GIA provides knowledge and professionalism that will maintain the long-term stability and integrity of the industry while strengthening and securing consumer confidence."

Gemological Institute of America

"Founded in 1932, the German Gemmological Association developed to an internationally recognized institution of technical and scientific gemmology.
Practical training and research in all aspects of modern gemmology are forming the base of the successful work of the association since many years."

 Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft

"The world's first   gem qualification Gem Testing Laboratory "  Also it has gemmological education and gemmological books-instruments

Gemmological Association of Great Britain

News about diamonds, prices, etc.


This is the Department of Mineral Sciences page at the Smithsonian.


"Dedicated to bringing quality information and  educational services to everyone interested in  gemstones."

Gem Society

Concerning gemstones, rocks, minerals, and such.

Bob's Rock Shop

You can find gemstones and lapidary tools here

J. Hughes

Chalcedony from Turkey.. Tons and tons of it...


Below this line I put the companies which I do business with and I am extremely happy with their services. 

If you want to feel at home in a very friendly atmosphere stay in this beautiful hotel Villa il Castello in Beycik.

Villa Il Castello

in Beycik

I buy gemstone beads and wire from them. Very reliable company.. Brandywine

Beautiful Miyuki beads

Silks, paints, dyes, guttas, and everything for silk painting.  The best on the web.

Dharma Trading

Recently I started to buy lapidary instruments from them. I find them  very reliable company.

Canadian Treasureseekers

Concerning gemstones, rocks, minerals, and such.

J. Graham

All kinds of lapidary and jewellery manufacturing tools and supplies.

 Rio Grande

Faceting machines.


Beautiful slabs, rough stones and machines etc. 


My favorite shop.  Toni repaired my Toshiba computer in no time. It works like a breeze...