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Kitaplarım - My books

           Gemoloji ve mücevher imalatı

1.      GIA Graduate Gemologist Program

·        Diamonds

·        Diamond grading

·        Colored Stones 1 - 2

·        Gem ID

·        Color Stone Grading

2.      GIA  Jewelry Design 1 – 2

3.      GIA Insurance replacement Appraisal

4.      GIA Jewelry Display

5.      GIA Pearl and bead stringing

6.      GIACounter Scetching

7.      GIA Lab manuals:

·        Gem ID

·        Diamond grading

·        Colored stone grading

·        Charts

·        Gem ID supplement

8.      GIA Gem Reference Guide

9.      GIA Jewelry repair workbook

10.  GIA Basic stonesetting

11.  GIA Advance stone setting

12.  GIA Diamond dictionary

13.  GIA Jeweler’s Manual

14.  DGemG  Diamond

15.  DGemG color stone

16.  DGemG Tables of gem ID; Birgit Gunther

17.  GemA Diamond I

18.  GemA Diamond II

19.  GemA Preliminary

20.  GemA Diploma I

21.  GemA Diploma II

22.  GemA Practical Gem Handbook

23.  GemA Diamond Grading Manual

24.  GemA Preliminary Gemmology reference book

      GemA the diploma in gemmology course

25.  Gemology, Cornelius S. Hurbut Jr., Robert C. Kammerling

26.  Photoatlas of inclusions in gemstones, Gübelin & Kaivula**

27.  Handbook of gem ID, Liddicot

28.  Quartz, O’Donoghue

29.  Emerald & Tanzanite; Renee Newman

30.  Gemstone buying guide; Renee Newman

31.  The pearl buying guide; Renee Newman

32.  Minerals, rocks, and precious stones

33.  Diamond grading ABC; Verena Pagel – Teisen

34.  Gems and preciouse stones; Simon & Schusters

35.  Gemmology, Peter G. Read

36.  Rubies and saphires; Fred Ward

37.  Gem Care; Fred Ward

38.  Pearls; Fred Ward

39.  Gemstones of the world; Walter Shuman*

40.  Precious stones and pearls; Herman Bank

41.  World map of gem deposits

42.  Elmas; Sümer Jewellery

43.  Gem Stones; Noriyuki Sakikawa

44.  World of Gems; Dr. A. Ayyoub

45.  A field guide to Rocks and Minerals; Frederick H. Pough

46.  Visual Opticks; Alan Hodgkinson

47.  Jewelry Insurance Appraising  Patti J. Golat etc.

48.  Jewelry; Carlo Cumo and Claude Mazloum

49.  The Larousse Encyclopedia of precious gems; Briant Poirot Fritsch*

50.  Mineral quiz cards

51.  Charts 5

52.  Diamond setting; Robert Wooding

53.  Jewelry concepts and technology; Oppi Untracht**

54.  Jewellery; Silvia Wicks

55.  Jewelry making and design; Augustus F. Rose&Antonio Cirino

56.  The chain making; Robert Mc.xxxxx

57.  Practical casting; Tim Mc.Creight

58.  Metalworking for jewelry; Tim Mc.Creight*

59.  The design and creation of jewelry; Robert Von Neumann

60.  Creative casting; Sharr Choate

61.  Jewelry making; Murray Bovin

62.  Silversmithing and art metal; Murray Bovin

63.  Centrifugal or lost wax casting; Murray Bovin

64.  Practical gold smithing; GZ publications

65.  Schmuck mit Phantasiegestalten; Dinny Hall

66.  Textile techniques in metal; Arline M. Fisch

67.  The art of jewelry making; Alan Revere



       Mum çalışma

68.  Modeling in wax for jewelry and sculpture; Lawrance Kallenberg

69.  Wax works; Katy Darling-Marcia Kahn-Joan Weiskopf

70.  GIA working with wax

71.  Basic wax modeling; Hiroshi Tsuyuki

72.  Practical wax modeling; Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba

73.   Wax modeling; Adolfo Mattiello


74.  Die kunst zu emaillieren; Walter Loch Müller

75.  Emaux decorative; Idee fleuris series                     

76.  Enamels, enamelling, enamellist; Glenice Lesley Mattheus

77.  Cloisonne enamelling and jewelry making; Felicia Liban & Louis Michel

78.  Enameling on metal; Oppi Untrcht

? 79.  Basic enamelling; Lili Taubes

80. Emaux William Harper

81. Copper enamelling

       Taş işleme

82.  Gem cutting ; Sircansas

83.  Lapidary carving for creative jewlry; Henry Hunt

84.  Faceting for amateurs; Glenn and Martha Vargas

85.  Diagrams for faceting I, II, III; Glenn and Martha Vargas

86.  Lapidary for pleasure and art; Eric Shore

87.  The faceting handbook; Margaret Reed and Ed Peters

88.  Facet cutters handbook; Edward J. Soukup*

89.  Cabochon cutting; Jack R. Cox

90.  Advance Cabochon cutting; Jack R. Cox    



       Taşların gizemi

91.  A journay through the chacras; Gardner

92.  Healing stoned; Glick & Lorusso

93.  The curious lore of precious stones; George Frederich Kunz


94.  Jewellery of the 1940’s and 1950’s; Silvie Raulet

95.  Turkmen Folk Art;

96.  Five Centuries of jewellery; Jean Lanllier and Marie-Anne Pini

97.  The jewellery design source book; Diana Scarisbrick

98.  Jewellery from 1900 to1980; Rühle-Diebener-Verlag

99.  L’ornamento Preziozo; De Luca Edizioni D’Arte/Arnoldo Mondadori Editore

100.  Art nouveau Jewellery; Vivien Becker

101.  Arab&Islamic silver; saad Al-Jadir

102.   Jewelery; Carlo Cumo and Claud Mazlum

103.    Evolving designs; nancy N Schiffer

104.   Çağlar boyunca takı ve mücevher; Sanat, kültür, antika  

105.  The ring design 3900

106.  Antique jewellery Arthur Guy Kaplan

107.  Making metal beads Pauline Warg  

108. Practical goldsmith mounting-clasp

109. The way of the brush Fritz van Briessen


110.  Les Idees Mode de la peinture sur soie; Litza Bain

111. Peindre sur soie; Dessain et Tolra series; Daniel Lavenant

112.  Peinture sur soie/2; Editions Fleuries; Claude Soleillant

113.   Nouvelles Techniques pour la peinture sur soie; Lydie Ottelart

114.  Peinture sur soie/3; techniques sur anti-fusant, Editions Fleuries; Claude Soleillant

115.  Savoire faire la peinture sur soie; collection Savoire Faire; Marie-Jose Digne

116.  A complete guide to Silk Painting; Susanne Hahn

117.  Silk Painting; Di Teasdale

118.The art of Painting on Silk;trans; Gisela Banbury, Edited by; Pam Dawson

119. Silk Painting, Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques; Susan-Louise-Moyer

120. Panneaux en Peinture sur soie; Mireille et Dominique Banquet

121. Silk painting new ideas and textures; Jill Kennedy and Jane Varrall

122. Painting on silk; Jill Kennedy &Jane Varral

123. Dictionary of dyes and dyeing

124. J’encadre mes pentures sur soie Dessain et Tolra

125. Encadrement Eomon Toscana

126. Painting watercolor florals that glow Jan Kunz

127. Pochoirs Pierre Bruendet

128. Printmaking in easysteps Rosemary Simmon

129. Workbook of fabric painting Bette Byrd and

130. Art the way it is John Adkins Richardson

131.Comment peindre a l’aquarellew Jose M. Parramon

132. Closeups in nature

133. Encadrement d’aujourd’hui et sous vere

134. Art deco cut&use stencils Theodore Menten

135. Airbrush techniques 4 and 7

136. Song of the brush

137. Art of the dot Robert w Pascal, Robert R. Anderson

138. Folk art cut&use stencils

139. Sumie in 3 weeks Salami Yamada

140. Sumie landscape in 3 weeks Salami Yamada

141. L’ornamento prezioso arnoldo Mondodori


142.  Introducing Batik; Evelyn Samuel

143.  Fabric dyeing and printing 1, Tiedye and batik

144. The ABC’s of batik Bernadette Hersk     


145. Creative Marbling on Fabric; Judy Simmons

146.  The ultimate Marbling Handbook; Diane Maurer-Mathison

147.   How to Marblize paper; Gabriele Grünebaum

148.  Suyun rüyası, Ebru; Hikmet Barutçugil

149.  Turkish papier; Julia Jonda


150.   Living with scarves; Lorrain hammett

151.   The art of scarf tying; Joe Bruno

152.   Scarf magic;Shirley Lybrand


153.  American Indian beadwork

154.  Basic bead stringing; Dave Champion

155.    Create your own fashion jewelry; Mariana Wilson

156.   Those bad bad beads; L. Blakelock

157.  Boncuk sanatı



158.Designer’s guide to Color 5; Ikuyoshi Shibukawa and Yumi Takahashi

159. Principles of color; Faber Birren              

Tasarım ve boyama kitapları

160. La gravure sur verre; Ruth Brunner

161. Architectures a L’aquarelle; Dessain et Tolra series; Richard Bolton

162. Ciel et Marine a l’aquarelle; Dessain et Tolra series; Leslie Worth

163. Watercolor the creative experience; Barbara Nechis, A.W.S.

164. Joy of Painting; Bob Ross

165. Painting watercolor florals that glow; Jan Kunz

166. Handbook of ornements; Franz Sales Meyer

167. Pattern and design with dinamic symmetry; Edward B. Edwards

168. Zeichnen Entwerfen Gestalten; Han Michael Heymen (geometric vs. designs)

169. Drawing flowers; Victor Pevard

170. Designing Jewelry; Galli Riviere Li

171. The art of Jewelry Design; Galli Riviere Li

172. Creative Variations in Jewelry Design; Galli Riviere Li

173. Techniques of jewellery illustration and color rendering; Adolfo Mattiello

174. Chinese folk designs; W:M:Hawley

175. The big book; Gerri Sorkin

176. Perspective drawing; W: Anvil

177. Superior, The hunted shore; Bruce Littlejohn and Wayland Drew

178. Lanscapes ink painting; Sadami Yamada

179. In three weeks ink painting; Sadami Yamada

180. The natural way to draw; Nikolaides

181. Decorative art paintings

182. Pictorial Archive of Geometric designs; Wil Steganga

183. Arabic Geometrical pattern&design; J. Bourgoin

184. Autentic Turkish Designs; Azade Akar

185. Türk mimarisinde Süsleme Sanatı; Pelin Tolga

186. Turkish motifs, Türk motifleri; Cahide Keskiner

187. Easy to do Chinese painting

188. Victorian frames, borders and cuts;George Bruce’s Son and Co.

189. 1100 designs and motifs from historical sourses; John Leighton

190. Treasury of ironwork designs; Carol Belanger Grafton

191. Designs for coloring; Ruth Heller

192. Designs for coloring, stitchery; Ruth Heller

193. Folk Art cut & use stencils; Ted Menten

194. Treasury of flower designs; Suzan Gaber

195. Traditional Floral designs and motifs; Madeleine Orban-Szontagh

196. 305 Autentic art nouveau jewelry designs; Maurice Duprene

197. Art monograms & lettering; J. M. Bergling

198. Baroque Ornament and Designs; Jacques Stella

199. A treasury of design for Artists and Craftsman; Gregory Mirow

200. North American Indian designs; Eva Wilson

201. British Museum Pattern Books, Islamic Designs; Eva Wilson

202. Art Deco cut & use stencils; Theodore Menten

203. Art Deco jewelry designs; Dover publication

204. Design for artist and craftsmen; Louis Wolchonok

205.  415 original designs for stained glass; Michael Gowen

206. Background patterns, textures and tints; Clarence P. Hornung

207. North American Indian designs; Madeleine Orban-Szontagh

208.  Victorian Borders; Carol Belanger Grafton

209.  Hungarian folk designs; Anne Szalavary

210.  Floral Borders; Mack FragaAutentic art deco jewelry designs; Franko Deboni, Theodore menten

211. Traditional Chinese designs; Barbara Christopher

212.  Repeats and borders; Rita Weiss


213.   Fachwörterbuch für das edelmetalgewerbe

214.   How to grow bulbs

215.   Crochet stitches

216.  Heritage Afghans

217.   Basic beauties; Eileen Westfall

218.   Hardinger embroidery; Sigrit Bright

219.   Persian rug motifs for needlepoint; Lyatif Kerimov  

220. Peinture sur porcelaine MarieTerese Macias

221. İkebana Reiko Tanenaka

222. Healing stoned Julia Larousse&Joel Glick

223. Colour and crystals Joy Gardner

224. Knitting made easy

225. Art neuveaux floral ornement in colour M.P.Verneuil

226. The art of flower arrengement

227. Album the tricot Burda

228. Crochet bedspreads Rita Weiss

229. Decorate me gorgeous Margret and Howard

230. Colour me beautiful Carole Jackson

231. Renklerin gizemli dünyası julia Sinegireva

232. The crown jewels

233. Paul Getty museum handbook of collections

234. Techniques of the world’s great painters Waldeman Januszczak

235. The story of art E. H. Gombrich           

236. Macrame Techniques and projects

237. Vogue guide to macrame

238. The big book of oil painting

239. Encyclopedia of knitting and crochet

240. Designs for glass etching Robert G. Bush

241. Traditional floral designs and motifs for artist and crafts people

242. Decoratif tile designs coloring book Marty Noble

243.  Making the most of colour  

244. İdeal easter

?  245. Lace crafts crochet-tatting-knitting Jean Kinmond

246. Persian rug motifs for needle point

247. Hungarian folk designs for embroiders and craftsmen

?  248. Knitted stockings from Turkish village prof. Kenan Özbel

? 249. Basic beauties easy quilts for beginners

? 250. Allover patterns  Clarence P. Hornung

? 251. Flexible shaft mashine Harrold O’connor

252. Gems&jewellery

253. How to draw Jose M Parramon

254. How to tumble polished gemstones

255. Historic customs in pictures Braun&Shaider

256. chinese paint,ng

257 treasure of a Chinese studio

258. diamonds

259. treasure of a Chinese studio

260. architectures a aquarelle

261. ciel et marine a aquarelle

262. a feld guide to rocks and minerals    

         Le livre du potier

         Art of flower arrangement

         Living with scarves Lorraine Hemmet

         The design and creation of jewellery Robert von Nevinen

         The story of art E.H. Gombrich

         The natural way to draw rocks and minerals Nicoaides

         Renklerin gizemli dünyası 

         Metal working for jewelry Tim mMc Craigt

         Handbook of the collection  


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