The jewellery here are handmade and one of a kind (if cast it is mentioned beside the bigger picture). 

The stones used are specially faceted or carved as for the jewel's design requires.


I don't have the gold jewellery you see in these two pages (1 and 2)any longer. But you can see them bigger and learn more about them, click images for expanded view, detailed description. 



Page 1 

page 2 nostalgia

Page 3 beaded jewellery

Page4 beads and silk

Page 5 beaded jewellery2

Page 6 beads and silk clothing 

.page 7 wirewrapped and some crocheted jewellery

page 8 silver jewellery

       page 9 silver jewellery

page 10 silver jewellery

page 11 silver jewellery

page 12  bead necklaces


Other artists' works








Wire wrapping presentation in Montreal Gem and Mineral Club  

Tips from experts 

Let's make a reticulated tulip pendant! 

Let's do beading!

how to carry your work

how to store your beads

how to make a list of  your beads 

a few enameled pieces 

metal colour and karat