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I am working as an independent Gemologist,  using the knowledge gained from the three giants of Gemology:  

GIA (USA), DGemG (Germany) and GemA (England).   



2016 November

I decided to wake up and start working again. First, I started to paint portraits of my loved ones on silk.

At the beginning of this month I made a seminar in Antalya, Akdeniz University. You can see photos down below:

At the end of this month I want to teach to dear students of this university, gemology, lapidary. Off course I want to teach everything I know whoever want to learn.

April 2009
Long time past since we visited our teacher Muzaffer Altunel. So this time when I was in Istanbul with my friend Ozden we went to see him. 

He tought us almost everything we know about jewellery manufacturing. 

October 2008

In GIA's Loupe magazin's Fall issue my profile was published. I am on page 45.



or you can see the article as pdf file.

February 2008

I am in Istanbul again. Whenever I think of Istanbul I remember the song; "Hey beatiful Istanbul, my dearest beloved.." 

These pictures are taken when we were visiting with Prof. Sezai Kirikoglu and Mrs. Gunfer Kirikoglu

At the left; Bosphorus is the most beautiful sights in the world. At the right; Jeogem offers a feast for your eyes...

These spheres are the most impressive art in Jeogem. Enamelled sea and gemstone inlaid continents and countries..

Another objects were the carved animals which were worth to see..

December 2007
The lines at the right are from December issue of monthly news letter of Montreal Gem&Mineral Club, Geminews.   It is a very nice feeling to be appreciated.

I am proud to be a member of Montreal Gem and Mineral Club.  

Thank you friends, I am always happy to help...

Special thanks to the following members:

Oya Borahan, certified Gemologist who gave a course on gemology and also a presentation in wire-wrapping. Oya is one of the most accomplished artists and jewellers I know. You can see her multiple talents on her website:  

Bir Damla Su     A drop of water

Here you can see all her great artwork including jewellery, gem and rock carving, silk painting, and award winning jewellery designs. She also shares her knowledge to anyone reading her site. 

Oya had to go back to Turkey, but has remained a member of our club. I wish her all the best and hope she comes back to Montreal soon. 

Wire wrapping presentation in Montreal Gem and Mineral Club

I love showing everything I know to whoever wants to learn. Today was one of these days, presentation of wirewrapping in

  Montreal Gem&Mineral Club. I hope my friends enjoyed this and learned a little bit.

June 9th and 16th, 2007

Time flies without realizing. Since October 2006 I haven't done anything concerning Gemology. This second presentation in Montreal Gem and Mineral Club was similar to the first one. 

In the first weekend I did the introduction to Gem ID. Second weekend I introduced the tools and instruments to identify the gems.

Unfortunately the photos I took did not come out. That's why I haven't got everybody's picture.


Merylene and Mike


Alison and Vanda


October 28, 2006 

In the second part of my seminar, I talked about the tools and instruments that are used in gemstone identification. 

The members are experimented for the first time the usage of the instruments. 

At the left photo, I show the pictures of gemstone inclusions and explain what it means. 



October 14, 2006

The seminar announcement in the Geminews of Montreal Gem and Mineral Club.  

After the seminar some members with me; Mabel, Dora, Janice, Pierrette, President Michael Rooney and Nirmala.



I interrupted the courses and seminars in Turkey from August 2004 to date.

Some photos from the courses and seminars

July 2004

Fahrettin is learning diamond grading.


May 2004

A gemology seminar for Club Alibey  staff members. 





I would like to thank Mr. Fazıl Dertlioğlu for extending their hospitality at beautiful ClubAlibey in order for me to teach the gemstones to the Club Alibey Jewellery staff.



The picture at the right Hasan in Diamond grading  and at the left he is in Gem identification course 


April 2004

A gemology seminar for Tugra Jewellery staff members. 




I would like to thank Mr. Levent Gürdöl for extending their hospitality at beautiful Club Hotel Sera in order for me to teach the gemstones to the Tugra Jewellery staff.



March 2004 

From a presentation about the gemstone identification 

in Istanbul Technical University



February 2004,  Gemstone Identification courses

Beste ve Tuğçe are checking the gemstones 



January 2004


I am happy and proud to be an FGA.



2003 International Symposium in Istanbul

At the left during the symposium in Istanbul Technical University,  at the right we show our hospitality to our foreign guests, 

behind us you see beautiful Bosphorus and one of the two bridges which connects Asia to Europe. 



In 2003 Gemology courses in Ankara

 The 45 hour course was arranged by Ankara Chamber of Jewellers.

From a seminar in Istanbul Turkey


My profession and hobies

Design course in GIA (left)




Learning stone setting and wax carving in GIA.   (right)


Mr. Liddicoat was my idol. Unfortunately we lost him in July 2002.

When I was studying for Gemology diploma I always looked at his picture on his book cover to give me courage to go on with my studies.


When I finished and got my diploma at the end, I looked his smiling face at  the back cover of the book was saying to me; "Didn't I tell you that you can do it!" 

In 1997 and 1998 DeBeers Turkey Design Contests my designs were one of the finalists.


 The necklace and matching earrings the finalist  design  of 1998 contest were made 

by Mirage Jewellery.



In my opinion, Hans Ulrich Pauli is one of the most talented gravure artists in the world. When he accepted to teach me I was the happiest person in the world. (left)


Mr E. Pauly showing me his beautiful work of arts. (right)




In DgemG, with Dr. Claudio Milicenda. He was the most patient instructor I have ever met in my life. He had three highly inquisitive Turkish students which must have made his life very colorful.  (left)


I am receiving my second Gemology diploma from Mr. Milicenda. (right)



Hans Ulrich Pauly and Bernd Munsteiner. This photo was taken during a visit to Tom and Bernd Munsteiner’s exhibition in November of 1998. I hope some of these great men's artistic talents rubbed off onto me that day.  (left)


Tom Munsteiner is also a very talented lapidary artist like his father. (right)



Learning gem carving in Hans Ulrich Pauly’s workshop.  


Isn't this a beauty?

Learning stone cutting in the workshop of Hans G. Gordner. 


A beautiful week-end workshop at Glass Furnace (Cam Ocagi). These glass work is fusion technique. I wonder if I stay 15 days for courses in this place how much more I will learn.