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My family

My profession and hobies

Our dogs

50th wedding aniversary pictures

Metin's birthday



For many years, I  have painted portraits and scenery on silk. When I  became interested in jewelry-making and jewelry design, I  began by creating scarf clips for the silk scarves I  was painting. I  enjoyed making unique designs for the scarves so much that my art transposed into fabricating unique jewelry based on the designs and patterns of my scarves. Now,  my goal is to use the colorful flower designs of my scarves to cut, carve, and shape colorful gemstones as accessories for my scarves. 

I have Graduate Gemologist and Diamond Diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) the German Gemmological Association (DGemG) and   Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GemA).  

My Family

This is my family. Every time we are together we have a picture like that taken.




My greatest supporter and my greatest critic: my beloved husband Metin.


My oldest child is Cem. He is also an engineer like his father. He lives in Poland with his wife Blanka and their daughter Füruzan.




This sweety-pie is my granddaughter Furuzan. Daughter of my older son Cem. 



My son Ali Talat came from the States and my nephew  Burak came from England to visit us in Canada. Third handsom guy sitting on the left is my son-in-law Miloud. 



We lost my son Ali Talat on a very unfortunate 

accident in US on 11-November-2011 

 He came home and now resting in the family cemetry.


My youngest is my daughter Suna. With her husband Miloud and my grand son Tarık they live in Canada, Montreal. 





Who is this future gemologist??? 



At the left, the apple of my eye  my grandson Tarık who is very dear to me. He is my daughter's son.


At the right, July 2002,  my two grand children



Three generations,   my husband,   my daughter and my grand son.This photo is taken in Phaselis which is one of the most beautiful historical places in Turkey. You can swim and visit the ruins there. 

Just out of this world... 

Füruzan and her father Cem 2006 October

Tarık  2006 October

Sağda, Tarık bu sene (2009) liseden mezun oldu. Şimdi kolej talebesi.



Solda, this summer (July 2008) our beloved children and grand children were with us in Beycik for a very short time. 

You can see Tarık is a young man and Füruzan is a young lady now.

Tarık has graduated from Highschool this year (2009) He is a college student now.

My Furuzan's has a beautiful heart as her face is.


My grand son turned out to be quite a handsom young man.


My dear sister; Prof. Dr. Ayla Neusel and her lovely grand daughter. 

Tibet is a lawyer, he lives in Berlin with his family, he is my sister Ayla's son.

My sister Ayla's daughter Mara was professor in Texas University, I painfully must say she also passed away this year  in the States. 

I am so proud of my sister. Recently she received  a medal  from the Austrian Government for the highest appreciation of  scientists and artists.
(Öösterreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst).
Her grand daughter Joanne seems to receive the medal together with her...

My brother Kutay was an architect. 

The two handsom young men at the right are his sons.

He past away in Germany 4th of August, 2017 and came home to rest together with mother, father and brother.

Timur is the older son of Kutay.

Rona is the younger son of Kutay, he loves the dogs like we do.


My beloved sister Hulya and my handsome nephew Burak. 

Vehip was my husband's brother and my sister's husband. Unfortunately he had a heart attack and passed away.

My nephew and his beautiful wife Aysegül. 

My niece Burcu is now a beautiful young lady,  was the cutist little girl. She and my daugther's dog watched the street from the terrace like that whenever she came to visit us.


Burcu in 18 June 2011

She grew up and became a beautiful bride.


You see in these pictures the grand children of my sister Hülya. At left the son of Burcu and Can. The most intelligent child that I ever saw. 


At the right Ela, Burak and Ayşegül's daughter. I don't know how intelligent she is because I didn't see her very much.  

In these photos you can see that Ela and Alp has the most tender hearts that it makes your heart melt.

God may protect them always.

October 2009

We visited my cousins' beautiful hotel. Click to see the pictures.