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Let's make a frame..


Buy the following pieces to build the adjustable wooden frame shown in the photographs on this page;  


1) Longitudinal members   -  4 each



   L=Largest lenght of silk piece you intend to paint + 10cm


2) Cross members - 2 each



  L=Largest width of silk piece you intend to paint + 10 cm


Drill holes at both ends of cross pieces to allow a bolt to be inserted in each. Bolts to be approx. 6mm in dia. 10 cm long. you will require 2 wahers and 1 nut of appropriate size. Washers are used to ensure that the bolt remains within the slot while it is slid to a different position within the slot.

Using 2 pieces of wooden spacers (say 4 x 4 cm and slightly thicker then the bolt you intend to use) connect the longitudinal members at both ends, thus forming a long narrow slot to house and allow the aforementioned to slide within the slot.  



Push pins are inserted into the cross member at 10 cm intervals. Clasps are attached to the silk and connected to the push pins. The cross members are moved back and forth guided by the bolts within the slots until the silk is stretched as desired by the painter.



Curtain clasps




If your design is small, you can use a round embroidery hoop as a frame to hold your silk.. 


Today, I offered you just a drop of water from the huge sea of knowledge ......