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Design Ideas

I am often asked where I get design ideas. When I work with diamond or other transparent stones I usually use design books or Turkish tile designs to inspire me. But for opaque stones especially if the stone has a pleasing appearance I allow the stone itself to inspire me. Click on the picture for a larger view. 


This iris brooch's design is from one of the flowers in my handpainted silk scarves. 

"What has a drop of water accomplished!"series. 

The slices of agates reminded me of hills with frothy water running through them.


On this huge aquamarine I imagined a sailing boat splashing through the waves.

The hills and the trees and among them a house and apple tree was inspired by this jasper. 


When I saw this jasper I desired to paint a scarf with similar designs that are on it. The diamonds have followed the shape of the stone on the brooch.

This brooch is also designed to complement one of my scarves. The flowers are carved from aquamarine.


This silver brooch is inspired from Turkish designs.

I like to apply all my hand crafts such as crochet, knitting weaving and macrame, etc. to metal.


Below left; the agate looks like the skirt of a dancer. Below right; I found this picture in a newspaper. I just will add the body of a dancing girl to complete this brooch.