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Even the largest body of water starts with a single drop of water!

This part of my website contains photographs of inclusions I took through the microscope using either a Nikon or Olympus camera. Also there are some information about gemstones.




Garnet group

Natural-synthetic emerald

Is it diamond or moissanite?

Diamond and simulants

Beautiful inclusions and structural properties

Constructed stones; doublets and triplets

Gemstones of Turkey


Courses and events

My opinions of the three gemological schools from which I received my education and my experiences.

My credentials





This part of my website contains some of my favorite designs. Also I give some instructions to render a tulip.




Let'sDesign a Tulip

   Elements of a design

Where do I get my ideas for a design?


Here, you will find my hand crafted jewellery.  Most of these pieces are stolen but I couldn't bring myself to take them out of my website.

I don't have the gold jewellery you see in these two pages (1 and 2)any longer. But you can see them bigger and learn more about them, please click on the photo. 




Page 1 

page 2 nostalgia

Page 3 beaded jewellery

Page4 beads and silk

Page 5 beaded jewellery2

Page 6 beads and silk clothing 

.page wirewrapped silver

page 8 silver jewellery

page 9  silver in 2011

Page 10 silver in 2012-2013

Page 11 silver made in 2015-2016

Page 12 Beaded necklaces

I learned these recently


other artists' works






Wire wrapping presentation in Montreal Gem and Mineral Club 


Playing with PMC

Wire wrapping presentation in Montreal Gem and Mineral Club  

Tips from experts 

Let's make a reticulated tulip pendant! 

Let's do beading!

how to make a list of  your beads 

a few enameled pieces 

metal colour and karat


This part of my website is a display of scarves, dresses, portraits, and sceneries that I hand painted on silk. Also some of  marbled  paintings.




page1 scarves and such      page2 scarves     page3 portrait and scenery     page4 marbling      

page5 scarf and beads    page6 marbled silk scarves    page7 fabrics

page8 clothing and beads  

page 9 latest work 


Only scarves

Only clothing


A new project  

  Traditional Turkish marbling 

Some techniques of silk painting

embroidery for scarf edges

Colour Charts  

silk types and where to use them  

Let's learn different ways to tie scarves... 

Let's make a stove to steam fix the painted silk!

Let's make a frame!

This is how I paint a silk scarf!

I paint silk for a blouse..

Portrait of a girl

Portrait of a girl 2

Embroidery for a blouse

Syrup technique

Brushes and tjantings

Some photos from my life with silk


These have nothing to do with silk painting but!!!!

And my other handworks   

And my other paintings  




When I started making jewellery I found out that I needed the gemstones which complete my designs. I didn't want to depend to the gemstones on the market. Therefore I learned faceting and I bought my Facetron. Also I learned how to cut cabochons and carve gemstones in Idar-Oberstein. 


Wire wrapping presentation in Montreal Gem and Mineral Club  


On this part of my website, I've displayed some photos of the gemstones I have cut and carved.

Some cut and carved stones 

Some more cut and carved stones

Carving an agate flower..

Carving a sugilite iris..

The RI, faceting angles, polishing materials of gemstones

Cutting a rectangular gemstone (Pretty Rock)


All about me
In the gallery, you will have an opportunity to see me and my family, as well as  people and places that are important in my life.


My family

My profession and hobies

Our dogs

50th wedding aniversary pictures





My son Ali Talat left us forever in the States on 11/11/2011.


I wanted to show here my son's beautiful art.

Click here.



Beautiful Türkiye, my country


.Here, I will show you the photos of my beautiful country. I will try to give you some information.


The photo at right is taken by Mr. Sacit Ünlü who has won several photography prizes over the years.


Doga icin cal - Play for nature

Blue Chalcedony

Woven bracelets of Trabzon

Oltu Stone of Erzurum

Gemstones of Turkey

 Mother of pearl inlaid woodwork of Gaziantep

Glassfurnace; a beautiful place to buy glass items and/or learn glass making

Ebristan; a place for ebru


Beycikte sanat ve sosyal etkinlikler

My colorful Istanbul

and some websites from where you can get lots of information about Türkiye.

Some pictures from courses and events about my work and my life... Courses and events

Some photos from my life with silk


I have tried to provide a list of web sites that have been useful and enjoyable. I hope they are equally so for you!



To have and read books is as important as eating and drinking to me  so I put the list of my books. 

"A room without books is a body without a soul. Cicero"

My books


I wanted to share the recipes that I collected for years with my children and friends.

My Kitchen
I have this page only for my family. We live scattered around the world, I thought maybe the pictures we have taken will melt the distance somewhat.. My family