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This is the scenery I dream of when I think of Istanbul. 

Let me take you to a very small tour of my colorfull Istanbul starting with Grand and local Bazaars. 

Here is a plan for Grand Bazaar

I asked for permission before taking these pictures.


Grand Bazaar is the largest covered shopping center in the world which is one of the  first places that tourists visit in Istanbul. It is like a small town.

The above picture shows one of the many streets in grand Bazaar.

In Mısırçarşısı which is close to Grand bazaar you can find everything you can think of, from viagra to caviar,  from Kütahya porcelain to silk scarves. 

Spices and apple teas that tourists buy a lot.  

Spices in Mısırçarşısı. 

The whole world says TURKISH delight to these sweets.   One of the most colourfull sights in the bazaar are these outfits for belly dancing.


This picture  is taken in the open local bazaar which is on Monday in our area. You should also smell the spices to be able to enjoy it.  

In many districts in Istanbul there are open bazaars where you can find almost everything very cheaply. I love to go around and come home loaded with stuff I may never needed but could not resist to buy.




The vegetable stands in open bazaars are so colourful and vegetables and salad greens are so plentiful and appetizing. 


There are many different brand of raki which is a drink made of grapes and anaseed. We also have beautiful wines.    Simit is a Turkish bread (I think you can call it a bread)(I underline Turkish before anybody take it as their own)  It is very nice in tea time eaten together with white cheese.


Efes is Turkish beer. 

Tea is served  in Turkey, in glasses not in porcelain cups.  

  Turkish hospitality can put  inches to your waist line if you are not careful. Even if you visit a close relative you are served many nice home prepared food like the ones above and below pictures.



I couldn't help adding these pictures below: 

White Beycik in March

And white Montreal in March.
October in Montreal October in Beycik
In Antalya-Kemer you can see the snow at the pick of the Tahtali Mountain but in the gardens the fucias and orange trees are so colourfull (left), In Tekirova trees are full of oranges and at the back scene you can see snow at the peeks of Tahtali mountain (right)...